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Former Liberty Convocation speaker Tim Tebow joined the 7.6 percent of Americans without a job Saturday, Aug. 31 when the New England Patriots cut him from their roster. As the choruses of NFL fans calling for Tebow’s retirement grows louder, the league’s most polarizing quarterback still holds out hope for another job.

“I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback,” Tebow vowed via Twitter Sunday afternoon, Sept. 1.



Despite his typical Tebow determination, that dream remains on life support while he waits on a phone call for a job that may never come.

Like many of my Christian friends who follow football, I admire Tebow’s heart for God and his relentlessness, but unfortunately, not many people admire his passing ability these days.

In all honesty, Tim Tebow will probably never start another NFL football game, and making another roster will be an uphill battle. But you know what? The sun will still rise tomorrow.

Whether or not you want Tebow under center for your team, he always makes it clear that his faith sets him apart from the other athletes. His last professional play may come later on, or it may already be behind him. But when the time comes, his exit should be just as unique as his entrance.

In a business where the players need the system more than the system needs them, many athletes are left scratching and clawing for another chance at stardom. The list of former athletes falling on hard times is too long to review, and according to Sports Illustrated, it only takes two years after retirement for 78 percent of NFL players to declare bankruptcy or at least endure some form of financial distress.

Instead of hanging onto the remnants of his NFL career, Tebow should leave the league on his own terms and show the millions of people who pay attention to him that there are more important things in life than winning Super Bowls, such as pursuing God.

I’m not saying that God does not want Tim Tebow to play football. Tebow has been a magnificent role model for multiple years and a near perfect picture of grace under fire. Having said that, how much better would it be if he walked away with some dignity and sent the message that being a superstar is not a requirement for being used by God?

Tebow cannot control what the media or the fans say about him. But whether he spends Sundays this fall on a football field, a sideline or a sofa, the future is still bright.

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