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Life is like a rollercoaster. I’m willing to bet that you have heard this before. And although life often does resemble the peaks and valleys of a speeding rollercoaster, I believe I have found another experience that is the perfect match for the rollercoaster analogy – college.

No matter if you are playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, Liberty Online style, or wandering through Six Flags at Liberty’s campus, nothing will help you relate to the experience better than a rollercoaster.



Want to know just how deep this complex theme park analogy goes? Keep reading.

The College/Rollercoaster Analogy Cheat Sheet:

The introverted freshman who spends all day in the dorm: The college equivalent of the person who waits in line but ends up walking through the station without experiencing the ride. Take a chance. Find an activity and do it. There’s a reason people get on the ride – it’s fun.

Seniors: There are only a couple sharp turns ahead before arriving back in the station, and you are suddenly wondering how the ride could have been so short — unless you plan to attend graduate school.

Graduate students: You found yourself back in the station after the ride, and, would you look at that, nobody else is in line. Might as well get right back on!

Still looking for a major: It probably feels like the park closes in 30 minutes, and you somehow haven’t experienced any of the rides. Hang in there. Despite your current state of panic, many successful people had trouble finding the right major while in college.

Looking for a job after graduation: Unfortunately, you are the unlucky person in row four whose lapbar is stuck, preventing you from moving on to bigger and better rides. Again, many successful people had trouble finding jobs coming out of college.

That student with way too many time commitments: The amusement park equivalent of riding 10 coasters before noon, resulting in one very upset stomach. I’m no expert, but it might be time to find a park bench and take a break.

Failing a class: You just dropped your cell phone while speeding through turn three. Just like buying a new cell phone, retaking that class might be painful, but what choice do you have?

All jokes aside, no matter which major or activity you choose, the important thing is to make the most of it.

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