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Sophomore Hannah Myers is an example of a student trying to make a difference for Christ while balancing the tasks that come with the territory of being a full-time student.

Along with fellow students Jeff Brainard and Tommy Tran, Myers created One11 Films, a ministry where videos on various controversial ethical and Christian topics are posted for the public on YouTube.

According to Myers, she began making videos on the Gospel to send to her family in the Philippines, but she realized the potential audience she could reach after reading the book “The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask” by Mark Mittelberg. The book encouraged Myers to make her first two videos a look at abortion from a sensible, ethical and biblical perspective. She also decided to make the site public, meaning anyone on her social media sites could view them.

Myers said that the relevance helped the videos to gain a lot of unexpected attention, the first video with more than 6,000 views and the second with more than 12,000 views, which resulted in some negativity from the viewers who disagreed with the message.

“I had to walk away from the computer sometimes and just think about what to say for a while,” Myers said.
Although some people found the abortion videos disagreeable, many found them helpful, insightful and inspiring. One such person was Brainard, who assists Meyers and now serves as director of the videos.

“He encouraged me to take the next step and turn my videos into a ministry,” Myers said. “He helped me realize the potential impact of this medium, and thus, the ministry of One11 Films was created.”

Since creating One11 Films, Myers has made another video entitled “A Message to All Christians,” which defines what a Christian is and calls out Christians who do not make Christ their priority.

The video featured more than 40 Liberty students who urged Christians to glorify God in everything and change the stereotype that labels Christians as judgmental hypocrites who only condemn non-Christians.

The video has more than 5,000 views and has gained the interest of many non-believers who have sought out more information on the Gospel from Myers.
As a testament to her lifelong commitment to One11 Films, Myers changed her major from accounting to business administration communication and decided to minor in both cinematic arts and accounting.

“In this generation, people don’t like to read. They are very visual, and we are losing people because we aren’t presenting the gospel in a way people want to hear,” Myers said. “I want to continue making inspiring films that will ignite Christians to make a difference and present the true Gospel to unbelievers.”

One idea that Myers said she would like to create is a message to all girls about finding their identity in Christ and not in the world. According to Myers, it is the encouragement and constant provisions of spiritual nourishment from Liberty that inspire students to be bold and stand up for their faith.

“If it wasn’t for Liberty, I wouldn’t be doing this,” Myers said. “If I was at a secular school, I wouldn’t have this ministry. The support from my school and peers has shown me that I can’t care about what people think about me because there are unsaved people out there.

If we unite together, we have enough people here to change the world. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. We need leaders from this generation. Young people standing up for their beliefs will shock the world.”

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