Six summer tips

In a matter of only a few short days, final exams will be over, and the most anticipated time of the year will finally have arrived — summer.
Soon, textbooks and classrooms will become dim, distant memories as students gladly say goodbye to boring lectures, nerve-wracking projects and tedious homework assignments.
As preparations are made to leave Liberty behind and embrace the summer season, here are a few tips and words of advice that I hope will enrich your vacation.

1. Rejuvenate and renew! Take these upcoming months to rest from the stress and the chaos of the long school year. Summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep and to spend some time indulging in leisure activities. If you are anything like me, that means finally taking a timeout from a whirlwind of activities and paying attention to those movies and books that have been sitting on to-do lists for far too long.

2. Get re-acquainted! There is nothing I dislike more about college than the amount of miles it puts between me and my family. Cherish the moments spent at home with loved ones and catch up on the exciting times that were missed while being away.

3. Build your resume! Whether it is in the form of that coveted internship you have managed to secure or a summer job at a local hometown business, working is a great way to gain real-world experience and expand opportunities for the future. Doing something interesting will make the summer both enjoyable and productive — a win, win situation.

4. Go outdoors! Do not waste the warmest months of the year sitting inside all day. Find the nearest beach and savor the sun and waves. If the ocean is out of reach this summer, picnics, parks and swimming pools make for suitable alternatives.

5. Listen to Dorothy! You may not own a pair of red ruby slippers, but I think we can all agree that there is no place like home — especially when it comes to food. Enjoy as many home-cooked meals as possible before being forced back into a ramen noodle budget. Believe me, your taste buds will thank you.

6. Be adventurous! Make a list of activities you have never participated in and begin checking items off one by one. There is no better time to travel and explore, so take a road trip or fly across the ocean. It would be an absolute shame to waste all of that free time — begin making plans to create a summer that will be unforgettable.

All too soon, the calendar will read August, and the days of our collegiate careers will begin again. But until then, have fun, be safe and make the most of every moment. It has been a wonderful year filled with hard work and dedication — now it is time for a remarkable summer!

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