Martin seeks delegacy

Liberty University alumnus Zach Martin recently announced his candidacy for the 19th District Republican nomination for the House of Delegates.


Martin, who graduated from Liberty in 2012 with a degree in government, politics and public policy, is bidding to replace Delegate Lacey Putney after Putney’s decision to not seek re-election after 52 years of service.

According to Martin’s press release, he is currently running against Jim Crosby, Jerry Johnson and Jim McKelvy for the Republican nomination and is focusing on job creation, limited government and educational freedom.

“When you get government out of the way and let small businesses operate more cost effectively, the result is more jobs,” Martin said. “The more regulatory red tape and hoops businesses are forced to comply with, the less productivity and profit. I am running to represent the business owners who need the government regulations off their back and the tax collectors’ hands out of their pockets.”

During his time at Liberty, Martin was involved with politics as the chairman for the College Republicans and worked as political director for Steve Newman, state senator for Virginia’s 23rd District.

“Liberty University, the Jesse Helms School of Government and the wonderful faculty provided me with a solid reinforced foundation that has helped me tremendously in many ways,” Martin said. “Specifically noteworthy is the constant inspiration and encouragement from faculty members to pursue one’s aspirations.”

For more information about Martin’s race, visit his website,

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