Fun Run held at Snowflex

Liberty University Student Activities and Riverside Runners held a Fun Run Thursday, April 18 at the Snowflex Centre.

According to Student Activities, the free race drew more than 50 runners from Liberty, as well as some from the surrounding community.

One of the reasons to hold the race was to help runners get prepared for the upcoming Bald Mountain 10K, which will be held at Camp Hydaway April 27, Student Activities said.

The Fun Run involved both a 5K and a 10K race.  According to Student Activities, all runners started together, but they had the option further along the trail to run on the shorter or longer path. About half of the runners opted for the 5K, while the rest ran the 10K.

“I’m training for a 5K, so I thought this would be a good way to, like, have fun with it and be with people, and our friend Amy is really into Student Activities” Katherine Madrid, a runner in the race, said.

Elyse Klink, who also participated in the race, said that she enjoyed the opportunity to compete in the Fun Run.

“I just finished my second half-marathon,  so I just wanted to keep running,” Klink said. “This is a fun way to run with friends.”

Klink also said that after enjoying the Fun Run, she is eager to take part in Student Activities’ Bald Mountain 10K.

However, for other participants, the choice to run was rather spontaneous.

“My friend Amy texted me an hour ago asking if I wanted to, and I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’” Liberty sophomore Tyler Bunzey said.

Student Activities provided runners with water and Gatorade before and after the race, and participants were rewarded with complimentary pizza to conclude the event.

Riverside Runners raffled off two gift cards to their shop and will also help with Student Activities’ upcoming race, the Bald Mountain 10K

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