Senior artwork on display in DeMoss

Studio and Digital Arts gives students the opportunity to showcase their work

Students crowded around the art displayed on the fourth floor of DeMoss for the Liberty University Studio and Digital Arts (SADA) art exhibit, featuring the artwork of senior students until March 15.

Admiration — Liberty students look at some of the artwork displayed in the SADA exhibit. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

According to SADA chairman Todd Smith, students have their work reviewed by professionals during the exhibit. Having the chance to showcase their artwork is a major opportunity for students seeking exposure. In order to have a piece shown in the art gallery, participants had to submit it to professors for judging.

“The work is critiqued by 13 professors and also allows them to compare their work to other students,” Smith said.

Smith also said that in addition to the learning process, the best pieces will be awarded first through third place, as well as honorable mention prizes.

“The students realize their work will be visited by the public,” Smith said. “The eventual outcome of a piece of artwork is to be viewed, appreciated and evaluated by the public.”

The students are judged on technical skill, use of software, originality and style, according to Smith. The professors have many years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which they put to good use when judging the students’ skill.

Josh Siner, a senior at Liberty, currently has a piece exhibited. Siner, who said he is proud of his accomplishments, has appreciated his professors’ taking notice of his hard work.

“Everything I have ever done for class has been with the goal of breaking out of the classroom, and it is humbling to see that happen,” Siner said.

More than 70 students entered a piece to the SADA professors for judging, according to Smith. Many of the students who have work featured in the gallery also won this past Saturday, March 2, at the ADDY regional award competition.

The ADDYs is a competition held by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). According to the AAF website, it awards students who create original work in areas like interactive media and advertising.

“One of the best ways this can help me is to give me an idea of where I am and what I have to work for,” Siner said.

Hundreds of College For A Weekend participants visited the gallery in DeMoss Hall, giving the students’ work statewide and nationwide exposure, according to Smith.

Smith said Liberty students won 12 gold and 17 silver awards for work entered in the ADDYs. Students like Siner, who received gold awards, will be given the opportunity to compete statewide.

“As Christians, we can’t just be consumers. We need to be conscientious consumers. We need to evaluate the things we view from a Christian perspective,” Smith said.

The exhibit is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. According to Smith, some of the pieces are for sale.

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