New English Honors

Sigma Tau Delta inducts latest members

Initiates, parents and current members alike poured into the DeMoss Hall Grand Lobby March 1 for the Sigma Tau Delta induction ceremony.

The event welcomed new members of Liberty’s chapter of the International English Honor Society and featured a lecture by Liberty alumnus and Sigma Tau Delta member Justin Morgan, who talked about society’s obsession with the American Dream.

According to Morgan, there has been much debate over whether the dream is compatible with Christianity.

“Freedom, comfort, stability, success — there’s nothing inherently wrong with that,” Morgan said. “You just need to distinguish between having and worshipping wealth.”

According to Morgan, American society has idolized the American Dream to such an extent that citizens have become obsessed with the idea of the occupation.

“We’re pressured into choosing and pursuing that ‘perfect job.’ Our occupation defines us. People used to come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you’re an English major. What are you going to do with that?’”

When an individual loses his job, Morgan said that the real cause of his anxiety is that his identity has been put in jeopardy.

“If our employment doesn’t exist, we don’t exist,” Morgan said.

However, Morgan argued that human beings do not belong to a profession.

“Like the Apostle Paul, we are ‘bondservants’ of Christ. We all belong to the same employer — Christ. It’s to whom, not to what do we belong. Enjoy your work, but don’t worship it. The American Dream isn’t evil. We are. The American Dream hasn’t failed. We have.”

After the speech, officers Brittany Bonelli and Lauren Longenecker explained the purpose of Sigma Tau Delta and the opportunities it provides students.

According to Bonelli, Liberty’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, Zeta Tau, strives to foster interest in literature in the community and exhibit high standards of excellence, while holding true to the founding principles of “sincerity, truth and design.”

The new members of Zeta Tau were then called to the front to receive an official certificate of membership as well as a Sigma Tau Delta membership pin.

According to Secretary Carley Meyers, more than 30 members were inducted into Zeta Tau, although some initiates did not attend the official ceremony.

The new inductees were drawn to Sigma Tau Delta for various reasons. For Liberty student Corey Hayes, whose parents attended the ceremony, the community atmosphere was a major incentive.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know people — people who are interested in the same things, like literature and the arts,” Hayes said.

According to Liberty student Lydia McGlynn, her decision to become a member of Sigma Tau Delta was due in large part to the career advantages offered to those wishing to enter the field of writing.

“I joined because … you can send works into their journal, and they’ll publish it,” McGlynn said. “It’s a good way to get started.”

“I wanted to get to be a part of a group with more English majors,” Liberty student Lisa Hock said. “The visiting author and the lectures sound interesting — I’ll get to learn more about what people actually read and write.”

Upcoming events include an Applebee’s fundraiser taking place March 11 and March 18. For more information, visit the “LU Sigma Tau Delta” Facebook page.

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