Irish American month kicks off

Students, faculty and staff gathered with Center4ME to celebrate March’s heritage

Celebration — Liberty student Austin Edwards aided in bringing Irish spirit to the kickoff Friday, March 1. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

The Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME) hosted its third-annual Irish American Heritage Kickoff Friday, March 1, where students, faculty and staff donned their favorite green and orange garb in celebration of the country’s culture.

The front steps of DeMoss were covered with roughly 700 students, and Center4ME staff dressed in their best Irish attire as students enjoyed cotton candy, green-frosted shamrock cookies, green-dyed pink lemonade and chocolate coins.

“My roommate mentioned the event to me, and I heard they had themed music, so I came out to see what it was about,” Liberty student Nicole Davis said. “I really enjoy the Irish music.”

According to Associate Director of the Center4ME Joy Jefferson, the center has been open since 1996, but was originally named the “Minority International Office” before switching to the Center for Multicultural Enrichment in 2004.

Jefferson said that the Center4ME has been celebrating Irish American Heritage month for three years.

“At the beginning of each Irish American heritage month, we always have a kickoff where we serve refreshments and give students a calendar so they know when the events are for that month,” Jefferson said. “We celebrate Irish American heritage because we celebrate cultures that have minorities within the U.S.”

Center4ME will also host additional events this month, including a deliberative dialogue on Irish legacy Tuesday, March 5 in DeMoss Hall 1090, a cultural excursion festival Saturday, March 23 in Richmond, a “Faces of America” screening Tuesday, March 26 in Green Hall 1878, and “Shamrock Friday,” March 29 in Green Hall 1878.

“Our goal at the Center4ME is to educate students about all cultures,” Jefferson said.

For more information about Irish American Heritage Month, contact the Center4ME at or visit the website at

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  • Robert McDonald

    Nothing says Irish Heritage like being a fool and dressing like a Leprechaun. I guess honoring all the great Irish Americans over the generations such as Charles Carrol, John Barry, Mother Jones, Audie Nurphy etc was just too obvious

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