Students await CFAW approaches

Liberty University students are preparing for the semester’s first College for a Weekend (CFAW), Feb. 22-24.

CFAW is one of Liberty University’s largest events. Twice a semester, thousands of high school students travel to Liberty’s campus to get a taste of the college life. This time around, college students will host more than 2,000 incoming visitors, according to the Student Advocate Office.

“Spring CFAWs are always larger, because in the fall, it is only for juniors and seniors, and then in the spring, it opens up for sophomores,” recruitment event coordinator Ericka Morris said. “From September when they start, until April when they finish, (the groups) gradually get larger.”

According to Morris, CFAW is an opportunity for students to talk to professors in their field of interest, attend campus activities and get a feel for college life from an inside perspective.

“CFAW is our main and largest recruitment event, but a lot of times students also use it for a college preview weekend,” Morris said. “It’s kind of like an orientation, while also a recruitment event.”

According to the CFAW webpage, many exciting events are scheduled to take place throughout the weekend, including a welcome rally and Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.’s meet and greet. The first Liberty Flames baseball game in the new stadium and a concert featuring Third Day will take place Friday. The welcome rally Thursday night will also consist of a time of worship and an introduction to the weekend.

“It’s just an awesome time to see all these students,” Morris said. “These thousands of people have travelled from all over the U.S. and Canada, and they’re all in one building, and we’re praising the Lord.”

Morris also said that she hopes to see CFAW students coming away from the weekend with a positive outlook on Liberty and its student body.

“I hope that students wouldn’t see it as a burden, but see it as a way that they are able to impact these prospective students lives, whether they come to Liberty or not,” Morris said.

The CFAW weekend is not just an opportunity for high school students, according to Morris. Liberty students also have an opportunity to get Christian service credit for helping out. Between 150 and 200 student workers will participate in the event and earn CSER credit this spring.

“This semester, I believe we will be the largest Christian service opportunity,” Morris said.

While the recruitment office is always trying to make CFAW bigger, a large part of the turnout is based on the concert Friday night. According to the CFAW webpage, the most recent CFAW was one of the largest to date, due in large part to the David Crowder Band playing in concert.

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