Snow bound

SA plans annual ski trip to Wintergreen

The winter season is well underway at Liberty University as students plan their annual trip to Wintergreen Resort.

The facility is located in Central Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and according to Student Activities’ website, the trip gives students the chance to take advantage of lower-than-normal prices.

According to Student Activities, those students interested in attending this year’s trip are asked to meet at 3:30 p.m., Jan. 31, in the Student Activities Office.

The price of the event is $15 for a lift ticket and $30 for a lift ticket and ski rentals. According to Student Activities, transportation will also be provided.

Students who attended in previous years continue to rave about this wonderful trip.

“My favorite thing from the Wintergreen ski trip is being around friends, enjoying the weather and the beautiful world that God has created,” Natalia Ivanova, a junior business major, said. “I would definitely go again.”

“My favorite aspect about skiing is being able to go up on the ski-lift,” Catherine Thomas, a junior nursing student, said. “I have chosen to go on the trip again — because of the great friendships made, but also because it is an excellent experience with Student Activities.”

Although many students said that they would have liked to attend, all slots for the trip are now full, according to Student Activities.

“I would go because I have never skied on real snow,” Stephen Fraser, a junior youth ministry major, said. “You could say that it could be something on my bucket list. I ski at Snowflex, but everyone says that it is nothing like real snow, so I would love to experience that sometime.”

Student Activities offers a multitude of different events to give students a break from classes.

“Having activities where anybody can come and enjoy is a great way to meet people and make new friends,” Ivanova said. “They do contribute to the fun around campus because the different activities they plan are fun to attend, and it is a great study break.”

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