Bass Fishing Club grows

The year-old Liberty group hopes to expand despite funding challenges

On the waters of Ivy Lake, the Liberty Bass Fishing Club is at home. However, according to Vice President George Amedore, they are planning on relocating to Smith Mountain Lake in the future. The 25-member Student Government Association (SGA) approved the club’s hopes to grow and expand over the upcoming year.

Bass — David Plunkett displays his fish. Photo provided

According to President Chris Parent, the Liberty Bass Fishing Club began in January 2012 and competes throughout the U.S. According to the group’s official Facebook page, the club allows students to learn and improve their skills and provides a venue to meet students whose interests align with their own.

Forrest L. Wood (FLW), a tournament fishing organization named for the founder of Ranger Boats, is one of the organizations Liberty University is partnered with, providing them with boats and travel allowances for college students to compete in events. The FLW divides the U.S. into five regions, and the Liberty Bass Fishing Club competes in the northern division.

“We have placed pretty well for being a new team,” Parent said.

The team placed seventh out of 40 teams on Lake Champlain, and they are looking to make a top-five finish this year, according to Amedore.

Parent said that they are currently running into some trouble raising funds to provide boats for their new club while still providing events and opportunities for students already in the club. According to Parent, they are in a tough place getting off the ground and are always open to sponsors.

According to Parent, the club is hoping to be able to buy some smaller boats and leave them at Ivy Lake for members of the club to use whenever they desire. The club’s goal over the coming year is to spread the word and build up their group so that they are capable of becoming the club they want to be.

“With a lot of hard work this semester, I can see this club doing very well, and, in the future, becoming as great as all the major universities’ clubs,” Parent said.

For more information about the Liberty Bass Fishing Club, visit their Facebook page or contact Chris Parent at


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