Coffeehouse comes to town

Carols - Liberty students sing in the holiday season at coffeehouse. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Hundreds of people filled a sold-out Vines Center Friday, Dec. 7 to watch Liberty University Student Activities’ Christmas Coffeehouse.

This year marks the fifth time that Liberty student Emily Leybold has attended the semiannual showcase of the best student videos and acts.

Holiday host - Coffeehouse host, Jake Holland, gets in the giving mood with a Christmas prize game. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

“I love going because it’s exciting, and I’m really into music,” Leybold said. “I love seeing the different talents that we have on campus.”

Liberty student Jake Holland had a different perspective on things as the host of the Santa’s workshop-themed event. Holland has co-hosted Coffeehouse twice before, but he said that he felt a little more nervous this year because he was hosting solo for the first time.

“Both were fantastic experiences, and this time was equally as enjoyable,” Holland said.

He has been involved in many other Student Activities functions, such as Open Mic Nights, but according to him, Coffeehouse provides a different type of excitement.

Christmas dance - Students dance away with their rendition of a "Charlie Brown Christmas". Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

“It’s an absolute blast, especially once doors open and everyone starts pouring in,” Holland said. “The energy in the Vines (Center) rivals any concert we’ve ever brought in, (College for a Weekend) or not.”

Liberty student Chelsea DeWolf said that she enjoyed seeing Holland on stage.

“I think (Jake) made a great host,” DeWolf said. “He’s hilarious and definitely captured the attention of the audience.”

Holland wore four different holiday-themed outfits throughout the night.

“Wardrobe changes help me get into the spirit of the event more than anything,” Holland said. “As long as I wear my footie pajamas, I feel accomplished.”

At the end of the night, Holland said that he was impressed by the Peanuts Gang and their “Charlie Brown Christmas” dance routine.

“I had friends in almost every act, so I couldn’t help but have a ridiculous grin on my face the whole night. It’s pretty awesome having so many talented friends and fellow students all packed into one place.”

Student Activities will hold Spring Coffeehouse at the Vines Center Friday, April 5.

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