Switchfoot electrifies CFAW crowd

The Christian rock band combined with The Rocket Summer to put on an energetic show at the Vines Center

Vice Verses — Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman, originally from San Diego, Calif., performed songs from their newest album, “Vice Verses,” Friday night. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Camera flashes and the light of cellphones waving back and forth lit up a packed Vines Center during the Switchfoot and The Rocket Summer concert at Liberty University Friday, Nov. 2.

After The Rocket Summer warmed up the crowd with a high-energy performance, Switchfoot took the stage and played songs from their most recent album, “Vice Verses,” along with a few favorites from other albums.

The Rocket Summer’s Bryce Avary energized the crowd before Switchfoot took the stage by singing a song from the middle of the audience and crowd-surfing back to the stage.

He later pulled out his new iPhone 5 and took a panoramic photo of the entire audience, which he posted on The Rocket Summer’s Facebook page the next day.

Avary showcased his talent during the night’s performance, doing everything from singing to playing guitar, keyboard and drums. According to the band’s Facebook page, he records all of The Rocket Summer’s albums himself.

Both bands took advantage of the audience filled with College for a Weekend (CFAW) participants and Liberty students by encouraging crowd participation.

Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman climbed over the barrier between fans and the stage at one point in the show, walking through a mob of screaming people and standing in the middle of section 107 for two songs.

“It’s good to be back, y’all,” Foreman said from the middle of the crowd of fans. “My goal for tonight, among many others, is for a party to break out, and it’s starting to feel like a party.”

Switchfoot has played at Liberty in the past, and their second performance did not disappoint.

CFAW participant Jake Kounter experienced the concert about 15 feet from the stage and touched Foreman’s hand as he made his way into the crowd. Kounter also said that Switchfoot makes the list of his top five favorite bands, so he was enthusiastic about seeing them in concert for the first time at Liberty.

“I think (Switchfoot’s appearance) is super awesome because it’s not something that you are going to get at another college,” Kounter said. “You’re going to get tons of stuff here that you won’t get anywhere else.”

Liberty senior Kristi Johnson had her ticket duct-taped to the side of her bed for a month. She got in line almost two hours before the concert began, positioned herself at the front of the stage and was later rewarded for her persistence.

After the concert ended, Johnson remained by the stage, and a crew member gave her a set list used by Switchfoot band member Jerome Fontamillas.

“Honestly, (my favorite part was) getting in up front like I did and just getting to be so close,” Johnson said. “I’ve never been that close at a concert before, so that was so amazing.”

Content with her free souvenir, Johnson was making her way toward the exit when she encountered someone who was willing to buy the piece of paper from her. Still visibly excited, Johnson politely refused.

“I love (their music),” Johnson said. “I own basically every album, and I love it, love it, love it.”

This concert marked the second Student Activities-held concert of the fall semester and the first concert of the fall to be held in the Vines Center. Jars of Clay and Shane & Shane played at TRBC Sept. 21.

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