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The election is nearly over, and the results are almost in. For now, Americans sit patiently by, waiting to learn who the leader of the free world will be for the next four years.

Debates between Republicans and Democrats over who will be the best president have polarized parts of the nation, causing animosity between families, friends and coworkers.


On one hand, it is comforting to know that Americans care so much about the nation that they are willing to lose a friend in order to follow their belief system. On the other hand, it is terrifying to think that the United States is so split on who they think the president should be that they are willing to go to verbal war with one another over it.

Thinking about what all of this means, it is even more nerve-racking to realize that come the day after the election, just under half of the nation will disagree with the choice for president. Just under half of the nation will not believe in its leader.

Regardless of who wins the election, one thing is clear: We as Americans need to unite as a nation and support our president.

This does not mean that we must agree with everything he does or that we should not challenge his decisions if we believe them unjust. No, this means that we should back up our president when the time calls for it.

He will be the figurehead representing us to the rest of the world. Having a nasty attitude about who our leader is and causing chaos for him will only result in our enemies seeing us as divided and weak.

When we look at other nations and judge their strength, we primarily focus on their people. Do they support their king, president or prime minister? If not, the division is plain to see, and we are apt to act on this weakness. If they do support their leader — if they do hold strong as a nation, standing together — then it is harder to break their forces and challenge their behaviors.

We are a strong nation, not because of our leaders, but because of our unity as a nation and our ability to band together when the United States needs it most. During times of rest, we should be no different.

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