Writing club guests to visit

The creative writing club of Liberty University, Scribble, will welcome Marie Colligan and Charmaine Davis on Oct. 15 to speak to students about their experiences in the field of writing.

Colligan is an award-winning author who has published many non-fiction stories in women’s magazines. She is also part of Greater Lehigh Valley Writers, the Hampton Roads Writers, the Piedmont Literary Society, Write Now! and HillCity Writers.

Davis is an author who writes in a variety of different genres and blogs.

Colligan and Davis will speak to the club about their experiences as authors.

According to Mary Helen Norris, vice president of the club, they will be speaking on a topic of their own choice, and then the floor will be opened for a time for questions and answers.

Norris said that the two guest speakers are part of Lynchburg’s local writing group, HillCity Writers, that a few of the Scribble members attend.

“Both were quick with their responses and have voiced their excitement for the meeting,” Norris said.

The club officers expect members to learn a lot from hearing the stories of the guest speakers.

“We are hoping to get two unique perspectives on the publishing business,” Norris said. She believes that having two people with publishing experience speak “will provide a unique and fun experience for our members.”

By having two authors present, Norris said that “our members will see that no two publishing stories are the same.” She also hopes that the club will “get a glimpse into some of the obstacles that have to be overcome in order to see your work in print.”

“As far as we can recall, this will be the first time that we have had guest speakers,” Norris said.

Scribble has also scheduled guest speaker Dawn Dowdle in November. Dowdle is a literary agent in Lynchburg who hosts HillCity Writers.

“Next semester, we are hoping to have a speaker on the subject of screenwriting, possibly more authors and anyone who can help us reach our goal of improving the writing and technique of our members,” Norris said.

Rachel Werner, the club’s public relations officer, said that Scribble’s purpose is “to create a community for campus writers of all genres and stylistic techniques.” She said that it allows students “to meet, discuss ideas, improve techniques and enjoy an atmosphere of support and encouragement.”

“Scribble is a place where Liberty’s creative writers can come to enjoy discussions about writing and lessons on how to write better,” Werner said.

The club also offers editing for writers who are looking to improve their work. For more information, go to their website at scribblewriters.webs.com.

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