Gingriches visit LU

Customers fill the LU Bookstore for Newt and Callista Gingrich signing

Saturday, Oct. 20 Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista visited Liberty University.

Newt Gingrich signed copies of his books which included while his wife Callista promoted her second children’s book called “Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride.” Callista signed copies of her book as well as held a story time as she read her book to children. After Callista’s first New York Times children’s book bestseller Sweet Land of Liberty, she proceeded to write her second book. “Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride,” is the story of Ellis the Elephant learns about our nation’s founding, enthusiastically teaching children about the 13 colonies. Ellis discovers the colonies and teaches children about the individualities of each one. Children get to experience living the life of a Colonial American through the vivid narrations and brightly colored pictures.

Signing — Callista Gingrich read her children’s book before autographing with her husband, Newt. Photo provided

The book focuses on the importance of teaching children about our countries history, in a way that is exciting and fun. Included in the back of the book is a section with further information to research more about our nation’s history.

“We went through about 300 books, around 600 people were in line and we had a lot more people shopping around while that was going on as well. It was a very good turnout.
They were great to work with. They were extremely friendly, extremely great with the customers, just took pictures with anyone and everyone who wanted a picture,” Trade Book Manager Brian Digia said. “They took the time to personalize each and every one of the books for the customer, even if they had a few. They made sure that they were there for the customer. Callista did a great job reading her story, the original event was her coming and reading her story which was great, we loved having them here.”

After attracting quite a crowd, parents and fans admired the patience and kindness of Newt and Callista by their willingness to take pictures with anyone who wanted one taken, and taking the time to sign each individual book for the customers.

“Newt’s visit created a lot of buzz at the LU bookstore. He seemed to be enjoying spending his day on campus. He even went to the Flames football game after his book signing,” Liberty University Senior Josh McGhee said.

Liberty University staff worked hard to promote this event through many different mediums. “We worked with Liberty Marketing, put things on the splash page, we worked with the parents’ office and got on their page, put it on our Facebook, got it on the signs on 460 just put a lot of marketing out there to make sure people knew he was coming,” DiGia said.

Liberty University was honored to have hosted this event and given the Lynchburg community the access to meet Newt and Callista Gingrich while helping to promote their books.

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