Registration prioritized on campus

Voter registration is in progress all over Liberty University campus as students busily fill out their forms in preparation of Nov. 6.

Liberty faculty will be dedicating the last 10 minutes of class time today and tomorrow to allow students to register or reregister to vote if they need to. Even students who are registered elsewhere are being urged to register in the Lynchburg area so that local lawmakers will pay close attention to issues that impact college students.

Dean of Students Keith Anderson emphasized the importance of the Liberty community during this election season.

“It is our collective endeavor as members of the administration, faculty and staff to prepare every student to be great citizens,” Anderson said. “It is in this vein that we are being the salt and light of the earth as commanded by our Savior.”

During convocation on Sept. 14, roughly 2,500 registration forms were collected, according to the Liberty News Service. Many of those registered to vote for the first time.

Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. explained that “as Christians, there is a responsibility to be a good citizen, and Liberty is committed to helping students do that.”

Professor Bruce Kirk hopes that students will take the election process seriously.

“As a student, if you don’t put in your two cents worth, how can you expect change?” Kirk said.

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