The origin of romance

I think Romance reaches beyond the traditional romantic relationship, and I know love reaches beyond one day. Being a single woman at the moment, I choose to see the truth of romance and love—that it is all born of God and that it is everywhere we look. All modern romantic ideals and stories are born of the Bible and its “love conquers all” theme. It’s a theme our souls crave. I think people fail to see that connection sometimes. The devil tricks us into accepting a very small, selfish version of love and even romance.

Girls and guys, single and dating, need to zoom out and see God and the story of the Gospel for what it is — the ultimate display of love. Our hearts enjoy romance and love because God’s does. Why else would He have written the story of history as He did?

Valentine’s Day is a man-made holiday but love is God-made, and I think it’s a great day to point to that. Personally, the only tradition I have on Valentine’s Day is to tell every person whom I love that I love them and to remember that I am a part of the greatest love story ever told.

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