Mugs with attitude

What began as an office joke has become a growing business for Liberty employee Paul Mignard, designing mugs with attitude and function.

Mug shot — Liberty employee Paul Mignard’s moody doodles became a business idea worth smiling about. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

“It started as a side project. We always draw little pictures and things like that. I work in creative media so we do a lot of art-type things,” Mignard said. “The one image that kept on coming up was this mug with a face on it.”

Working in Liberty University’s Creative Media Department, Mignard and his coworkers began to doodle jokes that included the emoting mug.

“I think that someone actually just brewed some coffee and the saying we came up with was ‘this person makes me weak,’” Mignard said.

According to Mignard, it wasn’t long before the drawing became popular around the office.

“Someone actually said, ‘Hey, I would buy a mug that looked like that,’” Mignard said. “I decided to make some mugs with it on there and that’s how it got started.”

Mignard’s “Moody Mugs” have become a business, ordering a few hundred mugs at a time and selling them through his website and on his company Facebook page.

As his business grows, Mignard continues to etch out more moods for his mugs.

“It’s just starting. We’re still playing around with it,” Mignard said. “It’s kind of a fun diversion right now, something to do on the side. I don’t think I’d ever want to have a mug empire or something.”

For more information about Mignard’s Moody Mugs, visit

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