New semester brings new musical talent

Student Activities kicked off the first Campus Artist Series of the year on Thursday, Jan. 26, in the Tilley Student Center. The event ran from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and featured the bands “Fiver” and “GH and The Brothers.”

“Fiver” took to the stage first with members Katie Macintire, Katie McCrackin and Todd Pitt. The band’s name originated from the book “Watership Down.”

“(The name is) symbolic for putting faith in something even if you’re not sure,” Pitt said.

The members met in various times, including during a missions trip to Italy. The crowd was fired up as “Fiver” performed several original songs beginning with “Mine” which they had previously performed on campus, as well as “Wake Up” and “Hearts and Home,” which featured a combination of whistling by both Macintire and McCrackin and the ukulele, played by Pitt. During the show, the band performed the more popular song, “Hell Raiser Hellen,” written by Macintire.

The second band to grace the stage was “GH & The Brothers,” featuring members Gabe Hernandez, T.J. Sloan and William (Will) Wilson. The “GH” of the band’s name is symbolic of the initials of Gabe Hernandez and “The Brothers” represents Sloan and Wilson. These artists came together after Hernandez and Wilson connected during a worship class together.

All three members sang while Hernandez played the guitar, Sloan played the saxophone and Wilson played both the keyboard and the djembe. “GH & The Brothers” performed many songs such as “Alive,” “Beautiful Day,” “My Own” and “Psalm 40,” incorporating a jazz twist to each selection. Each of the original songs stood for different personal struggles the band members or close friends had endured, and evoked emotion among the audience. Members of the band also offered advice to upcoming artists.

“It takes a lot of time, and make sure you find people who you enjoy being around,” Wilson said.

Several famous artists inspired “GH & The Brothers,” including “Fall Out Boy,” “Stevie Wonder,” “The Temptations” and “Earth Wind and Fire.”

The event was held by Student Activities and throughout the night, they announced chances to win free movie tickets for answering questions about big bands coming to Liberty in the near future. The Campus Artist Series takes place every month with different bands that audition.

For more information on the performing bands, “like” both of them on Facebook and follow “GH & The Brothers” on Twitter.

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