Liberty Way says okay to nose rings

A change in the dress code now allows small studs to be worn in the nose

The latest change in school policy which has Liberty University students talking is that nose piercings are now acceptable for students to wear.

Positively pierced — Before the change in dress code, female students were not allowed to wear nose rings at any time or place on or off campus. But as a result of the recent change, many female students have been sporting small studs. Photo credit: Victoria Pearce

The Liberty Way, which once stated that only piercings of the ears were allowed, now has been changed to state that “small studs may be worn in the nose.”

The allowance of nose piercings has been met with both positive and negative reactions by the students.

“I think it’s good that they are loosening up some on the dress code,” junior Randi Garrett said.

Freshman Katie Tomson agrees that the new change is positive for students.

“I think it’s a good way for people to express their style, and I think it gives us the liberty to be a little more rebellious, in a good way,” Tomson said.

While some students were surprised by the change in policy, Tomson was more confused about why it was changed.

“I didn’t think they would change it because of the culture. I thought they would just change it because everyone already had one,” said Tomson. “It is a little bit weird, though, that you are allowed to have your nose pierced but no other facial piercing.”

“I think that if they are going to allow one type of facial piercing they need to allow all types, and maybe just have a limit on how many you can have,” senior Josh Farnham said.

“I mean, I don’t see any moral difference between a nose piercing or a lip piercing or an eyebrow piercing,” Garret said. “It’s not necessarily unfair, but people who want a facial piercing other than one on their nose are probably upset about it. It’s just sort of weird that the new rule is so specific.”

But with every positive reaction comes a negative, or snarky, reaction.

“I do not believe that Liberty should have lifted the restriction. I believe that it may lead to a slippery slope and that other Liberty policies and/or dress code policies may be lifted as well in order to please the students,” senior Brittany Truax said.

Truax also said that she doesn’t think any facial piercings should be allowed and that because nose piercings are allowed, eventually Liberty will probably conform to allowing others.

Truax did mention that she thought it might be a good idea if a rule was created prohibiting certain majors from wearing nose rings, although she does recognize that it would be very difficult to enforce.

“Certain majors, such as business or education, will not be able to go into an interview with a nose ring due to the lack of professionalism. However, I think that would be the situation for most majors,” Truax said. “College is to prepare us to get real jobs and the reality is, most employers will not be fond of nose and/or facial piercings.”

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