Forge event challenges leaders

Band of Leaders holds weekend conference

Liberty University’s Band of Leaders Forge 2011 Leadership Summit challenged both students and Lynchburg residents Nov. 11-12 to get a vision and become leaders.

Time to refocus — Lorenzo Jackson led worship at Family Life Christian Church during the two night Forge Leadership Summit. Speakers included evangelist Chris Palmer and pastor Ray McQueen. Photo credit: Victoria Pearce

“Through Forge Leadership Summit, students will be able to know what it means to be a God-Made Leader and tap into the gifts that God has given them individually. The Summit will provide an environment of worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship,” Jess Baez, secretary of the Liberty chapter of Band of Leaders, said.

The two night event took place at Family Life Christian Church International. Friday night began with worship led by Lorenzo Jackson, which was followed by evangelist Chris Palmer’s message. Palmer, who came from California for this event, paced back and forth as he feverishly taught the Word of God. He was both animated and passionate as he explained the importance of the Holy Spirit within the Christian life. The night ended with many walking up front, determined to become spiritual leaders.

Saturday night, Ray McQueen, the pastor of Family Life Christian Church International, spoke at the event.

“We want to be able to spread the word that God can use anyone, in any capacity, and that they have a resource (Forge 2011) where they can go to fellowship, grow and learn,” Baez said.

Band of Leaders is a Christian organization that seeks to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through ‘Building a Community of God-Made Leaders.’ According to their website, the group launched its first Collegiate Chapter at Liberty University in December 2010.

“So many times in our generation we sit back and watch our world fall – we want to let them (Liberty Students) know that if we take a stand, we can change the world around us. We want to raise up Christian Leaders in our Generation to impact the world for Christ,” Baez said.

Band of Leaders founder and president Trendous Cuthbertson said that the organization seeks to provide students with the tools they need for growing spiritually and to give them the opportunity to connect with college leaders in the community. They also strive to influence the community through multiple outlets and volunteer projects including raising money for an after school program and holding a cook out for inner-city children.

They already raised $1200 for an after school program at the Center in Downtown Lynchburg.

“The Bible says where there is no vision, the people parish. I believe our generation, especially the inner city, is perishing because of a lack of vision,” Cuthbertson said. “Often times we find in the Bible God spoke and I believe as Christians if we’re silent and not communicative to this world the visions are going to die.The Bible is clear and I believe this generation has gone long enough without a vision,” he said.

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