Towns family moves to campus peak

King of the mountain — Completed this past summer, the Towns’ home sits atop a hill with a pleasent view of the City of Lynchburg and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Photo credit: Ben Lesley

Co-founder Dr. Elmer Towns and family’s new address puts them atop the mountain

Considering the recent explosion of construction projects on Liberty’s campus, it comes as no surprise that one of the school’s founders, Dr. Elmer Towns, has joined in on the building trend.

Towns and his wife recently moved into their newly constructed home, which was completed in August 2011.

The home, which took nearly seven months to complete, is located off of Candler’s Mountain Road and features an expansive view of the City of Lynchburg.

“All the feedback has been positive,” Construction Coordinator Alan Askew said.

“They are very happy, sincerely appreciative and have been a pleasure to work with. It was great to be part of something that honors Dr. Towns work for Liberty University and will provide a great asset for us in the future.”

Askew managed the project from its conceptual beginnings in January 2011. Since then, he has supervised the home’s construction in conjunction with Deitz Lilly Builders, Inc. from Forest, Va., who was awarded the contract.

“We worked with Dr. and Mrs. Towns to design the residence, worked with engineers on the site layout, brought utilities to the site, solicited bids from contractors and monitored construction progress and budget,” Askew said.

“They did a phenomenal job that we’re very proud of and I enjoyed working with them,” he said. The project went very smooth.”

Overall, the new Towns’ home is an investment for both Towns and Liberty University.

The university will retain ownership of the home but will make the home available for Dr. Towns’ use for the rest of his life, according to Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.

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