LU continues to benefit from generous alumni donors

Alumni return to give back after receiving so much

As Liberty gears up to celebrate the school’s 40th Anniversary, past alumni use this time to celebrate — to acknowledge the growing pride that each alumni shares for their alma mater. It is a time to become reacquainted with old friends who, despite warring over whose turn it was to do the dishes, became a family.

Alumni donations — An important part of maintaining Liberty’s financial security.

Throughout the four decades of the school’s existence, students and alumni alike have observed the university’s growth — an achievement that has been bolstered by the donations of its alumni.

Although Liberty University is financially prosperous now, holding its own without the aid of others for the first time, alumni donations are still very important.

In 2007, college donations increased over previous years, according to an article in USA Today. The article said that colleges had raised a total of $28 billion in funding. However, of that $28 billion, only 30 percent of the total funding came directly from college alumni.

Liberty uses donations in many ways, from scholarships for students to the funding of new facilities on campus. No matter how big the school gets, it will always need the aid of others to help it succeed. The word donations does not just mean financial donations either. There are lots of ways for former students to give back to Liberty.

“Liberty has amazing professors who do not get enough credit for what they do. They challenged me in so many different ways and helped inspire me to be a great teacher,” 2011 alumni Sam Thompson said. She continued that while she cannot give back financially at the moment, she contributes in a different way by residing over the History Honor Society. She helps the organization at Liberty throughout the year by giving of her time and helping out with events. Alumni For Liberty (AFL) says it helps “mentor students interested in careers that advance Liberty, advise student organizations dedicated to Liberty, provide moral and financial support for students and provide an overarching support network to connect alumni and students with one another.”

Liberty provides another outlet for alumni to help give back through their Alumni Mentoring Program, a division of the Alumni Relations Office. The program works to connect established alumni with current undergraduate students to counsel the rising graduates as they prepare for entering the workforce.

“Alumni can offer advice about their experience with various jobs, tips for resumes and anything else that can benefit these students getting ready to enter the professional world,” according to the alumni page on the Liberty website.

In short, there are many ways students can give back to Liberty. Some alumni donate financially, others donate of their time. What matters, though, is that alumni are staying proactive. They are staying involved with Liberty and helping it succeed even after they leave and to that we say “thank you.”

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