Doc’s Diner makes changes to menu, offers more

The college student has many enemies. Parking spots, seven-forty classes, and jammed printers make it high on this list of foes. Not one of these, however, is quite as sly as the Grumbling Stomach.

Good eats — With new menu options and deals, Doc’s is striving to satisfy the ever changing appetites of students and the Lynchburg community. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

In a world full of too-expensive restaurants and not always healthy fast food chains, it can be a challenge for the “poor college student” to find the right spot to fill his or her stomach and defeat the Grumbler.

Doc’s Diner, located on Liberty University’s Campus East, not only serves as a community diner but hopes to meet the needs of Liberty students and is attempting to do so in several new ways.

Doc’s Diner is not averse to change. Constant changes have taken place over the three years the diner has been in existence since its 2008 opening.

The buffalo chicken wrap, the stack of pancakes and the cheese quesadilla have been replaced by “The Williams Wrap,” “The Liberty Way” and “Rocco’s Rockin’ Cheese Quesadilla.”

Doc’s Diner has even incorporated a new “signature” item to their menu: The Flames Burger. True to its name, the Flames Burger consists of “two burgers with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, crispy onions and Fire of the Mountain sauce,” Doc’s Diner manager Tabbatha Terry said.

Anyone who can polish off this burning burger without a drink will have their picture put up with the other conquerors on “The Wall of Flame,” she said.

Doc’s Diner changes the menu twice a year in order to best fulfill the desires of Liberty students, according to Terry.

“We keep the main things that sell well, but then we try to incorporate different things to kind of see what the students like,” Terry said.

The changes at Doc’s Diner include much more than changes to the menu. Walls full of pictures and Jerry Falwell Sr. memorabilia have now been modernized with televisions playing news, sports and Monday night football, according to Terry.

The observance of Monday night football is accompanied by special deals that differ from one Monday to the next.

“Last week, we did 99 cent milkshakes and 50 cent wings….Yesterday, we did half price appetizers, so we’ll do a different special every Monday night,” Terry said.

Doc’s Diner also offers a “2 for $20 Deal” every night after five o’clock. For $20, customers can get two drinks, one appetizer and two entrees from the special “2 for $20” menu.

Doc’s Diner not only offers special menu deals, but has now made delivery to Green Hall an available option for those who wish to stay on that side of Liberty’s campus.

With off-campus restaurants now accepting Flames Cash, Doc’s Diner has seen a decline in the number of students choosing to eat there the last few years and Terry believes this decline is due to the off campus options afforded to students since Flames Cash.

“Our goal,” Terry said, “is to bring the students back.”

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