Defining homecoming

It’s a family reunion for students, staff, faculty and graduates. It usually involves a football game, a parade, a bonfire, lots of food and laughter.

According to the Associated press, Baylor University had the first homecoming celebration in 1909 and The University of Missouri was credited with having the first homecoming alumni game in 1911.

Liberty affiliates, past and present, gather together at the school to commemorate its history and celebrate its future during the university’s 40th anniversary.

Homecoming parade

Danielle Dewitt – Senior
Homecoming gives me a sense of tradition since my family went to Liberty.

Jesse Sanders – Senior
Homecoming is a weekend football game. The campus is very energetic and it creates a great atmosphere to be in.

Alicia Whitecavage – Senior
I love getting free stuff at the parade.

Chris Summers – Senior
Me being on the football team means we have to make sure we are at our best and to make homecoming as joyful as possible by getting that win and representing this university the right way.

Walt Aikens – Junior
Homecoming means tradition.

Sirchauncey Holloway – Junior
It means a lot to me as an athlete.

Chelsea DeWolf – Sophomore
Homecoming is a time to show school spirit. It is a time of unity and a time to support our school. I remember the Homecoming parade and all of the tailgating before the big game, and the huge bonfire, which is great for bonding. It’s a great chance to meet new people.

Elly Meinke – Freshman
Homecoming is all about connecting the generations.

Elizabeth Graham – Alumni
It’s always fun visiting the campus— walking through the hallways of
DeMoss, seeing all the new additions, visiting with old friends and watching a football game or hockey game. Homecoming captures all the traditions of Liberty that I hold dear. It feels like home again.

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