University prepares for high school students from around the nation

Perry: 74 percent of current students have taken part in CFAW

College for a weekend is coming, and Liberty University’s campus will be swarming with potential new students when it does.

CFAW — High school students are welcomed to experience a little bit of Liberty life in a weekend of events and activities. Photo credit: Joel Coleman

Sept. 29 marks the beginning of the first college for a weekend, more commonly known as CFAW by Liberty students. For four days, prospective students will get the chance to tour Liberty’s campus, bump elbows with students and staff and enjoy a plethora of events meant to encourage them to enroll.

CFAW allows guests to “experience life at Liberty firsthand and decide if it is right for (them),” according to

Kelly Perry, a recruitment event coordinator with the visitor’s center, said that roughly 1,000 visitors are expected to attend this weekend.

Those visiting for the weekend are predominantly still seniors in high school, but also include juniors and transfer students from other colleges and universities.

“CFAW is an important weekend for our school because 74 percent of our current students have taken part in it,” Perry said.

Students who attend college for a weekend are allowed to stay in campus dorms, attend convocation and show up to an admission session where they will receive a free T-shirt.

The students are able to attend many other events on campus throughout the weekend at their own discretion.

“There are over 70 line items on their itinerary,” Perry said. “Spiritual, academic, social and athletic events are included.”

Upon checking in, guests have the option on a first-come, first-serve basis to sign up for extra activities, according to

For an extra fee, college for a weekend guests can take a career direct assessment, participate in paintball or go horseback riding and rope climbing at Master’s Inn.

The cost for CFAW is $50, according to the visitor’s center. The fee includes both room and board for the weekend.

According to Perry, the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall even extends its hours during the CFAW weekend.

In addition to room and board, CFAW guests are also given a ticket with their admission fee to the “Sounds of Hope” tour featuring the Dove-award winning bands Building 429 and Leeland, with special guest Royal Tailor, for Friday, Sept. 30.

That is not all prospective students receive for coming to college for a weekend, though. Those who already paid their $250 confirmation deposit, according to, are eligible to be entered into a drawing for an $8,000 scholarship. They are also able to attend college for a weekend for free.

In addition to all of this, Perry said, students receive “a great experience and new friends.”

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