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Students earn prestigious scholarships to travel abroad

September 20, 2022


Senior Helms School of Government student Brent Schuliger became the first student from Liberty University to receive the Boren Award National Security Scholarship, a highly competitive honor that allows recipients to travel abroad, study the language and culture of another country, then return to America to work in the federal government.

Schuliger, an international relations student, will be studying at State University of Malang in Indonesia this fall.

The Boren Scholarship sends undergraduate students to countries that are underrepresented in study abroad, countries that may lack a strong relationship with America. Many Boren Award alumni have launched careers in the Departments of State, Defense, and Homeland Security, specifically because of the experience obtained through the scholarship.


Four students and one faculty member have received Fulbright grants that will sanction them around the globe to work, teach, and research. The announcement follows a record nine Fulbright semifinalists for Liberty University this year.

Winners of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program are: government student Jonathan Dumdei, who will be an English Teaching Assistant in Ecuador; history student James Knight, who will research and study in Romania; modern languages student Brielle Marlow, who will study in Indonesia; and recent business and pastoral leadership graduate David Walker, who will study in Cambodia.

Liberty’s faculty finalist is Dr. Laura Jones, a professor in the School of Education, who will be researching and teaching in Romania.

All Fulbright applications are processed through the Helms School of Government, which has maintained a strong reputation of helping students and faculty apply for and obtain Fulbright and other prestigious international scholarships. 


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