Be content and don’t complain about your “ruined” semester – Adventures with Abby

I’m tired of seeing seniors complain about their last semesters being ruined. I’m tired of hearing and reading about students lamenting that they couldn’t spend time with their friends or go on all the adventures associated with spring semester and the return of warm weather. I’m tired of catching thoughts like “If it wasn’t for this stupid virus I could […]

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Opinion: U.S. prisons recklessly release prisoners instead of enforcing sanitation practices recommended by the CDC

Government leaders and law enforcement agencies have limited arrests and released prisoners as a result of the current health crisis. This lazy and reckless reaction overlooks more reasonable options for keeping COVID-19 away from correctional facilities. Gov. Ralph Northam encouraged law enforcement officers as well as commonwealth attorneys to reduce jail populations by considering arrest alternatives and releasing low risk […]

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Opinion: The Coronavirus will impact the 2020 Presidential election

By the end of February, one subject dominated national headlines: the 2020 Democratic primary election. Now, the election seems like a distant memory in the wake of a national health crisis, COVID-19, that has shut down several states and prompted aggressive responses from mayors, governors and President Trump. While 2020 will forever be remembered as the year of COVID-19, an […]

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