Networking: Students meet employers

The Law Enforcement & Government Career Fair took place in the Montview Student Union on Feb. 15.

The purpose of the fair was to invite recruiters from different law enforcement agencies such as police departments and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) to come and speak to Liberty students who may be interested in applying and working for them.   

The job fair was held in the Montview Alumni Ballroom and the main ground floor. Students could easily walk around to the different recruiters to interact, connect and even fill out job applications with the agencies represented at the fair.

“I want to introduce myself and also, if able, get the recruiters’ personal emails to speed my application process,” criminal justice major Daniel Royer said. “This is helping me with my major, because the job fair shows you how one is supposed to interact with people.”

Photo by Noah Seidlitz

Royer said he was not looking for a specific job, but he wanted to utilize the opportunity of the fair to give himself as many different options as possible. The connections made at the fair could provide contacts for jobs in the future.

“I’m looking to network with primarily different defense and intelligence agencies and hopefully learn more about them,” national security major Hannah Marchiny said.

Photo by Noah Seidlitz

Marchiny said she was thankful for all the recruiters who came to talk to the students and connect with them. She thought the event was mutually beneficial for the recruiters and students.   

“I came here to network with future employers so that they know who I am whenever I apply for a job with them in the future,” Marchiny said.

Amaro-Millán is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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