5 tips for staying healthy as a student

The early morning alarm signals the imminence of an 8:15 class. With jam-packed social lives, students find themselves juggling various commitments throughout the day. Driven by the pressure of impending 11:59 deadlines, students often embrace late-night study sessions as a matter of routine.  

As the cycle never seems to end, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle as a university student is no easy undertaking. However, by incorporating a few simple habits and easy recipes into your routine, you can prioritize your well-being. Embracing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just make you feel better about yourself; it’s a key factor in managing stress, enhancing academic and social performance, and even improving sleep quality.  

The best part is, the journey to living a healthier life is simpler than you might think. Here are five tips for eating healthy as a university student.  

1 Rise and dine!  

Without a doubt, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The breakfast meal jump-starts your metabolism and provides essential energy to use throughout your day. Experts from WebMD connect breakfast to better memory, concentration and overall health. To start your day off right, consider a nutritious breakfast such as a bowl of mixed berries with yogurt or avocado toast with eggs. 

2 Peel the citrus, prevent sickness!   

Incorporating citrus fruits into your routine is a simple yet powerful way to boost your immune system. Packed with vitamin C, citrus fruits help support your body’s defense mechanisms. In the midst of cold and flu season, regular consumption of citrus can help prevent sickness. Oranges are especially beneficial for immune support, cholesterol reduction, blood pressure regulation and eye health. For a simple dorm recipe, create citrus-infused water by adding slices of oranges, lemons and limes to your water bottle. Not only does this add a burst of flavor to your water, but it helps you stay hydrated. 

3 Eat the rainbow!  

Embracing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a fundamental step toward a healthier lifestyle. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables can dramatically contribute to your overall well-being. Incorporating a colorful array of fruits and vegetables into your meals can help support digestion, reduce the risk of chronic disease and promote vibrant skin. Whether it’s grabbing a banana before heading to class or opting for the salad bar at the dining hall, regularly consuming a colorful array of fruits and vegetables can help nurture your health and enhance your lifestyle.  

4 Power up and fuel your body!  

In order to maintain a well-rounded diet and thrive as a student, it is important to consume ample amounts of protein and healthy fats. Protein is a vital nutrient that provides energy and essential building blocks for the body. For a dorm-friendly and protein-packed snack, create a quick trail mix with almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate chunks. In addition to protein consumption, it’s important to remember to include healthy fats in your diet, which play a crucial role in supporting brain function. A quick and easy dorm recipe is a toasted bagel with nut butter.  

5 Hydrate or Die-drate!   

Maintaining a healthy well-being requires not only a nutritious diet but also frequent hydration. Water regulates body temperature, prevents infections, delivers nutrients to cells and ensures organs function optimally. Drinking water regularly throughout the day can improve cognitive function and mood for students. So, grab your Stanley, Owala or water bottle of choice and make sipping water a constant habit.  

In the whirlwind of university life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem daunting. Yet, by adopting simple habits like these, you can bolster your well-being. Remember to enjoy your meals, as doing so not only promotes physical health but also plays a significant role in your overall well-being, providing a moment of relief from the demanding pace of university life. 

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