Student opinion – Are Biden’s stumbles and mistakes newsworthy?

Since the 2020 presidential election, many people have questioned whether President Joe Biden is competent enough to run the nation. As the oldest American president ever elected, his age shows. Biden often confuses his speech when addressing the public and at times, seems disoriented about where he should be on stage. 

Whenever Biden falls, he often makes headlines, with people rushing to belittle and tear him down. After he fell on the steps walking into Air Force One, Fox News jumped on the opportunity to get a word from the White House which explained that he was “doing 100% fine.” Biden falling is absolutely newsworthy, but not for the reasons some might think. People should understand who was elected to power and how unfit he is for the role to avoid the same mistake. 

In retrospect, Biden should not have been elected president for his sake and the sake of the nation. Having an old president, considering his consistent stutter and frailty, makes the U.S. look bad to other nations. His weakest moments go viral around the world. His verbal blunders and mental mistakes as well as his missteps project incompetence — not strength.  

Political cartoon by Hannah Gilmer

Recently, presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Donald Trump endorsed making competency tests mandatory. Haley said everyone over 75 should be tested, and Trump argued all candidates for election should be tested. Competency tests should be in place to protect those who are too old or mentally unfit for their positions, and according to the Morning Consult, most voters agree.  

Anyone desiring to be the president should be more than willing and able to participate in a mental competency test to ensure that they are truly capable of fulfilling the tasks of the job that includes a grueling schedule of activities and requires the mental ability to remember important information. 

Political views aside, I doubt Biden is a bad person, and he certainly does not deserve to spend some of his last years becoming the laughingstock of the world.  Do you have an old parent or grandparent who lacks the competency they once had? You would likely not want them to be in the same position as Biden. Consider them before you blast about Biden on social media. If a person dislikes Biden due to his stances and views, that is understandable, but don’t bring in his personal difficulties and struggles. 

I’m saddened that someone of his age and limitations was even elected president and now acts as the target of these jokes. Was he even aware enough to fully understand the position he was taking on? 

God calls his people to respect those he places in leadership, and yet Christians tend to mock Biden the most. It is disrespectful and unbiblical for believers, especially to make fun of any governing authority when he trips to the ground. 

Carter is an opinion writer for the Liberty Champion

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