Students Can Enjoy Winter Activities At Hydaway Outdoor Center

The college life can be stressful and even hard to find time to relax which is why the Hydaway Outdoor Center plans to host A Nordic Night from 7 to 10 p.m. on Jan. 21 for students to de-stress with games, food and their friends.  

As the chaos and stress of classes begins, Campus Recreation has introduced its first A Nordic Night to start off the semester. 

“This is the first year we are doing A Nordic Night and it is meant to be a kickoff of the winter season at Hydaway,” assistant director of Hydaway Outdoor Center Maria Campanella said. “This is the first year we are remaining open during the winter months, and we wanted to promote that with this event.”

The event will have a large bonfire, a polar plunge, games and food for students to enjoy. 

The polar plunge will be one of the main attractions of the night. Students will have the chance to jump into Hydaway Lake. It is speculated that the water will be around 45 degrees.

Students will be able to enjoy hot chocolate, soup or chili to stay warm.

“Our staff has been collecting and chopping wood for our beach bonfire, prepping our kitchens for some tasty soups and chili and putting together beautiful decorations and photo-ops for students to enjoy while wrapped in warm sherpa blankets,” manager of Outdoor Recreation Adam Faber said. 

A Nordic Night is the first of many campus recreational events planned for the semester. 

“These events allow individuals to interact with others who share the same drive and focus,” student Megan McCoy said. “In the past, these events really helped me de-stress. It is such a wonderful opportunity to make more intentional relationships, take a break from classes and just have fun.” 

 “You get to meet so many different people while experiencing God’s creation. Nothing could be better than that,”  transfer student Faith Mihok said. “I wish my old university would have had events like these. The outdoor recreational events are the absolute best.”

Liberty University offers events for people from all walks of life, whether they be students or family.

“I have never been disappointed after attending an event held at Hydaway. The campus recreational team goes all out, and Liberty never does anything halfway,” McCoy said.

 It will be A Nordic Night to remember. 

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Barton is a news reporter.

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