Opinion: New California Law Protecting Pedophilia is Vile

A couple weeks ago, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a law that would allow judges to decide whether or not to list someone as a sex offender for having oral or anal sex with a minor.

This bill has appalled many, as it should, and yet some have failed to realize that it was simply meant to expand the discretion that was already granted to judges in the past. In a previous bill passed in California in 1944, judges were allowed to make this call, but it only applied to vaginal intercourse with a minor. Now, this new bill allows judges to expand the law, adhearing to homosexual actions. This means that an already existing evil has been turned into an even bigger one. 

Although some are saying this bill does not equal the legalization of pedophilia, in a sense, it very well represents a step closer toward that heinous reality. This bill was passed in the name of “equality,” claiming that LGBTQ+ minors deserve the right to consensual sex, too. Yet, truly, the only people benefiting from this bill are those who should be charged as offenders, but are instead, being defended by the state. 

A child is defined as an individual under the age of 18, as stated by UNICEF. According to their Convention on the Rights of the Child, the government should protect children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. This includes people forcing children to have sex for money or making sexual pictures or films of them. In passing this bill and the one passed over 50 years ago, government officials in the state of California are failing to protect minors from sexual exploitation, which is their duty as elected government officials. 

According to the bill, it only applies to consensual sex (whether it be vaginal, oral or anal) between a minor 14 years or older. But at 14 years of age, a minor is still just that – a minor. Most laws recognize individuals younger than 18 as minors, which is the case with U.S. law, and yet, most scientists are agreeing that individuals don’t really reach full maturity until the age of 25. 

At age 18 any American citizen is allowed to vote, enlist in the army and move out on his or her own. All of these things require a lot of responsibility and emotional maturity. Other things, such as drinking alcoholic beverages, are only allowed after an individual is 21.

Clearly, the law understands that there are certain things in life that require a citizen to be older and more mature, given that they entail actions that could potentially harm the individual or other individuals. 

Why then, does the government believe a 14-year-old girl or boy is mature enough to consent to sex with someone who is up to 10 years older than they are? The truth is, they are not. In passing this bill, not only is the government once more stripping children of the protection they need to have, but they are also opening doors for sex offenders to continue to go unprosecuted and uncharged. This is no longer a world children are safe to grow up in. 

Rosa Elias is an Opinion Writer. Follow her on Twitter at @rosaeliasnajri.


  • The best thing that could happen to California is to slide into the ocean and the sooner the better! God will probably do it like
    sodom and gomorrah.

  • Norton R. Nowlin

    Pretty soon pedophiles are going to be a protected class and egregiously protected under the insidious equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, an amendment that should never have been created or ratified. It was a vindictive amendment that was hastily created in 1865 by a Northern congress to vindictively punish the Confederate Southern States by vilifying and negating the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. A version of the equal protection clause was proposed at the 1787 Constitutional Convention for the new U.S. Constitution and was unanimously rejected by the delegates as something that would give the federal government unlimited power and substitute for federal statutory law that would equally apply federal law to all U.S. citizens. The way the EPC has been interpreted by the liberal SCOTUS would make possible the inclusion of practitioners of pedophilia and bestiality (humans who have sex with animals) as members of legally protected classes.

    A U.T. Austin psychology professor stated in 1979 that if the law regarding homosexuality can be changed to regard Homosexuality as a lifestyle instead of a psychopathology, you will have homosexual marriage, pedophilia, fetishism, and bestiality regarded as normal behavior in the near future. It looks like the professor’s prediction proved to be true.

    • Um you’re making generalized statements dear friend. You have to prove that pedophilia and beastiality are going to one day be considered normal behaviors. Which they aren’t. No where in this article does it say that California is trying to make pedos or animal lovers legal. You jumped to that conclusion on your own. Which makes me wonder what you hump in your spare time. But the fact is, the Californian law was meant to protect minors and widen what is considered rape. You just want to jump on the anger band wagon is all even though this law could help further protect young people.

      • So how does this law PROTECT a person that is not mature enough to smoke or drink ( you get a hefty fine and possible jail for repeat offense of selling to a minor) but you believe is some how mature enough not to be manipulated by some one to engage in anal, oral or vaginal activities. I’m sure when they legalized abortion they probably didn’t think we would every year, every single year by ?choice? Kill more lives than COVID did in a year ; in most years more abortions than heart disease deaths or cancer deaths. I often wonder if one of those children could have been destined to cure cancer or slow our planet from over heating or any other needed scientific break through. But we killed them and continue to. Such a loss, but let’s all go save turtle eggs. We should save unborn children, too.

      • Richard Blankenberg

        We never thought fags or ai would’ve been either but here we fuckin are

    • SOÒOOO TRUE!!!!

  • The more of this type of nonsense I see, the more I am convinced that the wokeists at the top are sociopaths who gaslight the non thinking flock they lead so they can get away with any crime they want to commit. They want to have sex with children, get their heard of woke sycophants to fight for changed laws. They want to burglarize and rob people, manipulate sycophant herd to fight for changed laws. They want to take people out…so on and so forth. When will the woke nonsense die!?!?

  • This is so sad and disgusting… How anyone can take away any protection of any kind from our children and get away with it is beyond me. So now pedophiles have one less hurdle to jump. It’s a messed up world when pedophiles are protected more than the children they abuse 🙁 whoever was involved with passing this bill should be stripped of all “power” and “authority” and thrown in jail, they’re just sickening!!

  • i would just like to say that pedophiles are not nessarily offenders. there are pedophiles who feel like they are disgusting and who hate what they are. i agree with the fact that you a 14 year old is far to young for these type of things, and agree that they should be older and no longer a minor.

  • Dear God, what did I just read? it’s my belief that if you do ANYTHING to a child, touch, fondle, kiss, penetrate ORALLY, VAGINALLY, ANALLY, or force a male child to commit sexual acts by forcing them to penetrate a mouth, vagina, anus, take pictures, ANYTHING!!! THEN THAT INDIVIDUAL DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED EXTENSIVELY AND HARSHLY. AND NO I DONT BELIEVE A 14 YR OLD CAN EXPRESS CONSENT.

    furthermore, let me catch someone hurting my child or any child—well lets just say it won’t be pretty.

    PEDOPHILES DO NOT DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE. thats my opinion and im sticking to it.

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