All Christians should embrace the traditional Holy Week

Have you ever heard of Maundy Thursday? 

If you grew up in a non-denominational or less-traditional church, probably not. 

Although all Christians know what Good Friday and Easter Sunday are and what they celebrate, not all Christians remember the other significant days of the Holy Week.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, commemorating the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, praised to the heavens by the very same people who would call for his execution less than a week later.

Maundy Thursday marks the day Jesus instituted communion at the Passover meal with his disciples and the day Judas betrayed him. 

Then, of course, comes Good Friday and Easter Sunday, celebrating Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross and his resurrection on the third day. 

Though those are the most important days of Holy Week, celebrating Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday provide a fuller picture of the week prior to Christ’s death, allowing us as believers to worship him more fully.

Abby Bowman is the Opinion Editor for the Liberty Champion. Follow her on Twitter @AbbyRBowman

Graphic by Kaitlyn Bradshaw – Liberty Champion

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