Finding God amid a Secular world, Alumni: Dominique McKay

Keeping information flowing to the public might be one of the most important jobs of anyone working in media. Giving them facts and truth in a timely manner is what they are paid to do.

Dominique McKay is a press secretary in the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. She oversees some of the major media duties there.

“We assist the senators and their staff in coming up with topline messaging, graphic designing and videos, and we put it all together to push it out through traditional forms of media and online,” Dominique said. 

Dominique has been writing since she was a feature and news writer for the Liberty Champion in 2008. She took a year off after graduation and then came back to Liberty to become a graduate assistant and earned a master’s in communication in 2012.  

Dominique said her experience at Liberty University equipped her for much of the writing she would do for Congress.

She wrote a speech on the topic of K-12 and higher education for one of her former bosses who ended up delivering it at the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy research institute in Washington, D.C. 

“I am continuing to pursue writing more,” Dominique said. “I enjoy politics, but I have also written in lifestyle magazines and about Christian topics.”

Dominique currently attends McLean Presbyterian Church in McLean, Virginia, and works with the church’s women’s ministry. She is helping women “define their skillsets” so they can use them for God’s glory. 

“I love helping with the church and trying to get women more involved in reading their Bible,” Dominique said. “I think it is important to not just be knowledgeable with the Bible but act upon it.” 

Dominique has a desire to help younger women learn and grow from the experiences of older women. 

“I want to help them to become Christian leaders,” Dominique said. 

She said one group of women she meets with is currently studying the names of God. This is a group of women who are all working outside of the home. 

“It’s a community of women who are doing the same things in the same environments,” Dominique said. 

She said the group can learn with one another about how to make a difference in a secular workplace when they carry the light of Jesus. 

Dominique has taken advantage of the opportunities that come her way in this realm of her life. 

“I would love to disciple through writing and leading smaller groups of women and mentoring,” Dominique said.

She said she has general plans of what she wants to do from here, but also does not look too far into the future because it takes the focus off God himself. 

“When we get too focused on what we are going to do, it can get us off track,” Dominique said. “We need to remain in the church and focus on the character of who God is. That is what will sustain us in life. That should always be our primary concern.”

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