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The School of Law hosted an open house

The School of Law opened its doors Nov. 2 to welcome visitors the second time this semester for their Experience: Law event.

The event began early Friday morning with a continental breakfast at 8:15 a.m. Visitors were then able to attend a class, where they could get a feel for how a law class at Liberty would work.

“Students are able to attend a live class session to see how a Christian worldview is integrated into the classroom, which sets Liberty apart,” Director of Admissions Annette Pettyjohn said.

Visitors were then taken to a financial session, which, according to Pettyjohn, informed them of how to obtain financial aid and the answers to other questions regarding payments during law school.

This was followed by a presentation entitled “What to expect during your first year of law school” and gave four principles to guide and encourage those pursuing law.

Led by Director of Center for Legal Writing Susan Patrick and Director of Academic Support Caleb Sweazey, both alumni of Liberty School of Law, the session covered things such as how law classes are different from undergrad, how to make a schedule that would ensure one’s success, and how to prepare for classes ahead of time.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Rena Lindevaldsen spoke briefly of the Israel study tour, a 10-day trip that takes students to places such as the Garden of Gethsemane, the Valley of Jezereel and the Israel Supreme Court. She also discussed the internship and clinical opportunities available to students of the School of Law.

The day concluded with a tour of the classrooms, facilities and various elements of the School of Law, and a social with faculty, staff and current students. Visitors were also able to set up one-on-one meetings with faculty to discuss financial questions.

Overall, the day provided information and experience for the visitor.

“In one day, from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m., you have a really good idea of who Liberty University School of Law is. We feel like you can make an educated decision of what school you would like to attend,” Pettyjohn said.

Many visitors felt that this information was exactly what they needed, according to Justin Amos. This was his first Experience: Law event.

“It really gave me a view of how law actually is,” Amos said. “I was able to sit in on a class … The event has really been informing, fun and interesting.”

Alexis Brewster said this visit will be the first of many.

“The Experience: Law event really made the school stand out to me,” Brewster said. “The skills training here is phenomenal. We have visited several law schools in Florida, and Liberty stands out by far.”

According to Pettyjohn, Experience: Law is available to anyone interested in the university’s School of Law. The event occurs twice a semester and is only $10. For more information regarding the Experience: Law event or Liberty’s School of Law, visit

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