Past controversial speakers at Liberty University

Many big name speakers that have made their way to Liberty cause debate in the past

Chuck Norris


Numerous students and alumni questioned his academic credentials and the seriousness of his appearance when television star, karate expert and Internet superhero Chuck Norris was chosen to speak at the 2008 graduation ceremonies.

Norris is an outspoken creationist and frequently donates to conservative causes.

Mark Driscoll


Driscoll, the fiery pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, was viewed by some as too controversial to speak at Liberty University. One blogger inaccurately reported that Driscoll was unwelcome on Liberty University’s campus. A total of 372 people signed an online petition against his appearance, according to

Glenn Beck


Beck’s Mormon background and outspoken nature alienated some Liberty University students at the school when he was announced as the flagstaff speaker for Liberty’s 2010 Commencement exercises. Beck, who has hosted numerous shows on Fox News, received a warm welcome at the ceremonies.

Mitt Romney


Former Massachusetts governor and the now-selected Republican candidate for this year’s presidential election also dealt with those unsettled by his Mormon beliefs. Reports on the controversy made news stations nationwide, but his speech at Liberty’s 2012 graduation exercises received numerous applause.


Ted Kennedy

The Democratic Senator of Massachusetts was one of the first liberals to be invited to speak to students at Liberty when he made his visit in 1983. Kennedy, who spoke back when the school was still named Liberty Baptist College, was a close friend of founder Jerry Falwell Sr.

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