SA’s Brain Show delivers laughs

Student Activities — The game show required students to answer trivia questions and perform hit songs on stage. Photo credit: Bekah Lohr

The Tilley Center came alive with music and cheering as fans and contestants began to arrive Friday, Sept. 9, awaiting the interactive game show titled the “Brain Show.”

Students gathered around the glowing stage of the low-lit Tilley as they watched their friends and fellow classmates answer an array of trivia questions given by the game show’s host. There were about nine rounds of pure entertainment and excitement as three teams of about three to four people answered questions and performed to audio clips ranging from Miley Cyrus to MC Hammer, when they answered a question correct.

Questions varied from naming a popular song and artist to more Bible-based questions. The “Brain Show” was put on by Student Activities, but the actual game show is run by a company based out of Pennsylvania. They travel and host their games at camps, colleges and businesses throughout the United States. This is the company’s first trip to Liberty.

“We’re always searching for entertainment companies to work with and these guys were recommended to us by one of our student supervisors,” Alese Chandler, associate director of Student Activities, said.

The Student Activities department has been experimenting with different shows, such as the “Brain Show,” and most have been a great success. Chandler said that game shows usually have a decent crowd.

“Our largest audience was approximately one thousand (people) one year,” Chandler said.

Chandler also points out that even though time goes by and things change, these types of shows still do well.

“Trends and interests change over the years, but no matter what, these events usually pull a crowd,” Chandler said.

The contestants, as well as, the audience were all filled with enthusiasm. Each of the winning contestants received a medal, gift card and cheers from the crowd. One of the memorable moments of the night was when the host asked teams who just answered a question correctly to perform MC Hammer’s famous “Can’t Touch This” dance, or Beyonce’s world-renown ‘Single Ladies’ dance. As the night progressed, more students gathered their friends and created teams in order to be a part of the action.

“I enjoyed the show because it was fun to watch them act crazy on stage,” junior Kaitlin Hill said.

“The Brain Show is great! I’m always looking for things to do on campus, and this was so entertaining,” junior Shamia Carter said.

At the end of the night, about 30 contestants left with medals, gift cards and the honor of saying that they had been on the “Brain Show.”

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