Spiritual Emphasis Week: Back to the basics

Despite the campus closing Wednesday after 3 p.m. because of inclement weather, Liberty University welcomed Dave Edwards for Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW), Jan 26–28.

Edwards spoke during convocation Wednesday and Friday and also in the Schilling Center Thursday night after the basketball game, challenging students to re-examine their faith.

On Wednesday, Edwards focused on “the life that works,” Thursday he talked about “trusting God with the details” and Friday he closed with “what does God want.”

“It’s more than being a believer. It’s having a breakthrough,” Edwards said regarding the Christian life.

Setting the Stage — Dave Edwards encouraged students to return to their foundations Thursday night in the Schilling Center. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Through anecdotes relating to mechanical repairs, his dating life and bad wheels on shopping carts, Edwards broke down Christianity to the basics.

Edwards explained how to have an intimate relationship with God and be the best that God wants out of each person he calls his own.

“The will of God is always tied with who we are becoming,” Edwards said. “But God lets us make choices when we are living in his will.”

SEW is a time for students to reflect on God at the beginning of the semester, Pastor Johnnie Moore said in convocation Monday. SEW is also meant to give encouragement to believers and present the gospel for non-believers. With Biblical truths and humor, Edwards covered both areas in his messages.

Edwards is a full-time speaker who travels all over the nation sharing the gospel of Christ. His mission is to “reintroduce the truth of Gods Word by meeting people where they are in life and bringing them one step closer to knowing and becoming like Jesus Christ” according to his website www.davetown.com.

He is the author of 14 books, including “Twenty Things You Should Read,” “The Complete Evangelism Guidebook” and “Life”. Edwards also has several DVDs and CDs of his messages available online and has written a tract “How to Make All Life Good.”

“Regardless of the setting, Davids message is simple: Helping students and adults discover the importance of a Christ-centered lifestyle,” according to his website.

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