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The Relentless Romance of Pop Culture and Sports

February 9, 2024

The worlds of sports and pop culture have collided many times, but one of our favorite collisions is undoubtedly Taylor and Travis. This celebrity couple of the year has captured everyone’s attention with their charming presence and heartwarming affection. Their budding romance has influenced both fandoms to a wild degree. Taylor’s presence at football games and Travis’s appearance at her concerts have made fans far more likely to attend these events, support both the NFL and Taylor Swift, and root for their favorite couple. According to media sources, ticket prices shot up after Taylor announced her appearance at the Chiefs’ games. Kelce’s jersey sales climbed 400%. His podcast even hit #1 on Apple’s charts.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this happen. For years, pop culture queens and athlete duos have appeared as some of the most well-known couples on social media.

Just last year our beloved High School Musical queen Vanessa Hudgens married Cole Tucker, the baseball shortstop. The delightful couple surprisingly met on Zoom, according to Hudgens, in a meditation group.

And of course, we can’t forget the Beckhams. The soccer celebrity met the Spice Girls popstar at one of his games in 1997, and two years later got married. The two are still together today and have four beautiful kids.

Country star Carrie Underwood met her NHL prince Mike Fisher back in 2008 and have been married since 2010.

Quarterback Russell Wilson put a ring on Ciara back in 2016.

Even JLo and Alex Rodriguez, another baseball shortstop, were a thing for a few years, but sadly broke off their engagement in 2021.

Columbian icon Shakira was with Gerard Piqué, the former centre-back football player, for 10 years before splitting up in 2022.

Regardless of whether or not the couple works out, it’s a fact that music plays a big part in sports as a whole. The two often go hand and hand. Not only does it pump up the audience, but music also plays a huge role in energizing the players. Just think about football games. The half-time show always spotlights a popular artist because they know their audience will embrace the performers. The show creates more of a connection for the audience. During our games at Liberty, we have music playing every moment the timer stops, blasting songs we all know and love. It’s a core memory for any college sports game.

Pop culture plays a big part in the marketing side of sports too. When we see the biggest names in sports promoting things we use or like, it piques our interest, and we are more likely to purchase those products as a result. This allows them to reach a new audience with their products. It’s similar when musicians and athletes get together. Taylor and Travis may be the greatest couple like this that we have ever seen. Taylor’s fans are fierce and supportive, as are NFL fans. The combination of these two fandoms is an exciting development in sports and pop culture.

Seeing the passion and enthusiasm these fans bring together is something you don’t want to miss! To get a taste of this for yourself, head on down to Trivia is the Guy on the Chiefs happening on Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. in the LaHaye Event Space. Remember, each trivia round will include questions about the NFL and Taylor Swift, so don’t forget to have fans of both on your team.


Written by Faith Catanzaro

Faith is a sophomore studying Digital Media & Journalism concentrating in Video Production, and she is also a videographer for Student Activities. She loves watching movies, cooking, blogging on Instagram, graphic design, health, and fitness!