Elections approach

Civil right — Before the precinct moved to campus, students stood in long lines to vote. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Students inspired to vote with upcoming midterm elections With midterm elections set to take place Nov. 4, the results could change the face of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. General elections include all 435 seats of the House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 Senate …

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Students allowed excused absences to vote

The Liberty University Dean of Students Office announced on its website Monday, Nov. 4 that students who are tardy or absent from class Tuesday, Nov. 5 because they are voting will be given excused absences. “Use your voice to say something meaningful,” the announcement said. “Vote in tomorrow’s gubernatorial election …

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Vines Center precinct crowded

Polls — Close to 3,500 students were active voters at the Vines Center precinct Nov. 6. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

The Vines Center at Liberty University served as the major precinct for all residential students during the Nov. 6 general election. As doors opened promptly at 6 a.m., students rushed in to cast their vote for the next president as well as for their contender for the Senate and congressional …

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Ready to vote

Election Day is here, and the Champion has spent the past month informing readers about who they will be voting for at the polls. In addition to the congressional, senatorial and presidential candidates the Champion has featured, voters heading to the polls need to be aware of the constitutional amendments …

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What to expect on voting day

For more information, visit Lynchburgva.org

With Election Day quickly approaching, it is important for voters to be fully prepared when they arrive at the polls. In order to cast your vote Nov. 6, students and community members should be aware of the voter criteria put in place by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Professors push voter registration

About 300 more students registered to vote on campus last week after information sessions were held the last 10 minutes of class Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 18 and 19. Keith Anderson, the Dean of Students, talked about how important these in-class sessions were for students who needed guidance on how …

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Virginia voter registration deadline approaches


For voters in Virginia, the Oct. 15 deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 6 presidential election is quickly approaching. Recognizing the importance of getting students involved in the election, Liberty University launched a campus-wide campaign on Sept. 22 to register students to vote. According to the university website, …

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Voting: a right, research: a choice


During election season, it is compelling to look back at the headline-grabbing, standout candidates of previous elections. You know, the names like John Anderson, Ross Perot, George Wallace and Ralph Nader. All household names, right? Wrong. Over time, these men’s names faded almost entirely into obscurity. To most, their names …

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Registration prioritized on campus

Voter registration is in progress all over Liberty University campus as students busily fill out their forms in preparation of Nov. 6. Liberty faculty will be dedicating the last 10 minutes of class time today and tomorrow to allow students to register or reregister to vote if they need to. …

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Voter registration draws to a close


With only 34 days left to register to vote in Virginia, Liberty University students, faculty and staff have been given ample opportunities to guarantee that their voice is heard during the 2012 General Election, Nov. 6. The Dean of Students office has partnered with the Student Government Association (SGA) to …

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Voter registration

Voting — After registering, students should locate their polling location. Photo Credit: Ruth Bibby

As the 2012 general election looms closer, the 40th Republican National Convention had to cancel Monday’s events in fear of being flooded out by Hurricane Isaac, according to a public advisory by the National Weather Service.
According to the 2012 Republican National Convention’s website […]

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City Council elections held May 1

Students can voice their opinions on important issues affecting Lynchburg City Council elections are next week — Tuesday, May 1. Many students who are already pressed with decisions of which finals to study for and how they are getting home for summer plans may find themselves asking why they should …

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Meet the City Council candidates

Editor’s note: City Council elections will be held May 1, and the Liberty Champion news staff has decided to give each candidate a platform to discuss his opinions about issues relevant to Liberty University students. Each candidate was given the same amount of time to respond to the Champion’s questions, …

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Liberty precinct a success

Vote — Students will have the opportunity to vote again May 1. Photo credit: Joel Coleman, Promotional Publication

Republican primaries receive high turnout Liberty University’s precinct had a higher than expected voter turnout March 6, leading the way for Virginia with one of the highest voter percentages in the state. Liberty’s precinct, which is 302 third Ward second precinct, had a total of 590 votes counted, 13 percent …

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A look at GOP Primary candidates


When the Virginia Republican primaries are held Tuesday, March 6, only two candidates will be on the ballot, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. The information below profiles each candidate’s stance on key issues, and can be found on their official campaign websites. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Romney has promised …

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