Tich’s Take


“It’s just a game.” No phrase makes my blood run hotter, faster, etc. Some of that may have to do with my blood already running hot from a particularly devastating loss when a sports ignoramus chimes in with the phrase, but it is annoying in every sense. See, I love …

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Pro sports plagued with scandal

In an era where the sports world seems to be marred by scandal, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find honorable role models in the field. While there are still athletes like NBA guard Jeremy Lin and MLB player Albert Pujols who are outspoken Christians and good role models, shame …

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Athletic program updates

Liberty athletes, coaches garner national attention Though most students may have been on break the last five weeks, Flames athletics did not enjoy the same rest. In addition to all the on-field and court accomplishments of the last month, Liberty’s athletes excelled off the field as well. Below are just …

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Referee lockout hurts everyone


While the song isn’t used anymore in the NFL, chances are if you ever watched a football game growing up, you heard Hank Williams Jr. belt out, “Are you ready for some football?” But, for the first time in my lifetime, the answer to the question is, “No.” Honestly, this …

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Liberty students flock to Hillcats game

The ol’ ballgame — Hillcats batter Michael Spina prepares for the pitch as fans and Liberty University students enjoy a night at Lynchburg’s City Stadium. Photo Credit: Greg Leasure

The Lynchburg Hillcats offered minor league baseball at discounted rates to Liberty students Thursday night Baseball fans, Liberty University students and lovers of cheap entertainment all had one place to be Thursday, Aug. 23. That place was Lynchburg’s City Stadium, site of the Lynchburg Hillcats biannual Liberty University night. The …

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New facilities in the works for athletics

Upgrades — Construction has begun on a new basketball facility, as well as for golf courses and many other athletic facilities. Photo credit: Sarah Nguyen

Liberty University has been blessed with all the new sports facilities that are underway. Athletic director Jeff Barber has said to expect the new Worthington baseball stadium to be completed in February 2013. In addition to the stadium, the Matthes-Hopkins track and field used by students, community, faculty and staff, …

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Is the recent MLB policy enough?

Caught — In the midst of his greatest season ever, Melky Cabrera is the latest player to admit using banned substances. Creative Commons

Major League Baseball (MLB) has made large strides to reduce the use of steroids, enforcing stricter rules that make players think twice. However, MLB players still find it necessary to use banned substances. According to baseballsteriodsera.com, nine players have been suspended for their use of a banned substance since 2008. …

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2011/2012: Big South Champion Showcase

Volleyball The Lady Flames volleyball team posted a stellar 10-1 home record the past season at the Vines Center. Shane Pinder’s team won their fifth straight regular season Big South title on their way to the program’s sixth Big South Tournament Championship, a shutout victory over Radford University. The team …

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