Why winter needs snow

enchanting — Christmas is not the celebration it should be if it does not include frosty window panes, snow-covered trees, Christmas lights, holiday carols and traditions. Google Images

Every holiday season should be filled with visions both “merry and bright” More than just Bing Crosby’s claim to fame and a 20-year chart-topping hit, “White Christmas” is iconic for one very important reason — there is no Christmas like a white Christmas. However, many do not know the story …

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Snowstorms powder Liberty

Snow-bowl — Liberty students gathered for a cold game of football following the snowstorm Friday, Jan. 25. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

The first snowfall of the winter season brought much excitement and buzz on Liberty University’s campus, Thursday, Jan. 17. Around 5 p.m., roughly 3-5 inches of white bliss blanketed the roads in 30 minutes, bringing frustration and inconvenience for students and faculty needing to get home.

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