LU’s anonymous celeb

Identity — The man behind the popular twitter account, pictured above, enjoys remaining anonymous. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

The man behind @ringbyspringlu talks Netflix, cats and ‘The Tonight Show’ While 15,000 people know him for his humorous thoughts, perfectly expressed in a mere 140 characters or less, few know the face or name behind the @ringbyspringlu Twitter account. His identity is one of the best-kept secrets at Liberty …

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Emotional wellness

ring by spring — Christian colleges have a high pressure to marry. Photo credit: RJ Goodwin

Students look for relational living According to Dr. Arllen Ade, a professional counselor and adjunct professor at Liberty, everyone desires to connect to other people. All people feel the need to be loved, even if they may not know where that need arises from or how to fulfill it. Humans …

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‘Ring by spring’ in a new light

promise — A ring is a more than just a symbol of love, it is a representation of a woman’s 
personality and a commitment between two people. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

There are many details to consider and a lot of research to do when picking out a new engagement ring Within the hands of a man on bended knee sparkles a luxurious clear-cut stone, entwined by a flawless metallic band, welded together to create the perfect symbol of love — …

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