Mintle releases new book


Renowned author will sign copies of ‘We Need to Talk’ at Liberty bookstore “We Need to Talk.” Those four words have been known to send chills down the spine of the listener. According to Dr. Linda Mintle, however, “conflict is a normal part of every relationship, and we need to …

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Emotional wellness

ring by spring — Christian colleges have a high pressure to marry. Photo credit: RJ Goodwin

Students look for relational living According to Dr. Arllen Ade, a professional counselor and adjunct professor at Liberty, everyone desires to connect to other people. All people feel the need to be loved, even if they may not know where that need arises from or how to fulfill it. Humans …

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Social media is harming our relationships

Technology has influenced the way individuals communicate, often times leading to isolation and depression Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have taken the world by storm. Social networks have not only connected the world in ways never thought possible, but they have also divided friends. No doubt social …

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