Foreign lectures


Jones teaches philosophy in Romania Finding a balance between vocation and passion is difficult for most people, but Liberty University Professor Michael Jones has found a way to seamlessly combine his. Jones, a professor of theology and philosophy since 2005, uses his teaching vocation as a way to fulfill his …

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Trip planned

Students to learn about philosopher C.S Lewis Three faculty members and approximately 25 students will embark on a journey to learn about philosophy and the life of C.S. Lewis as they travel to London, Oxford and Paris May 18-26. “We wanted to offer a unique, one-of-a-kind tour to accentuate the …

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Habermas speaks overseas

Professor Gary Habermas lectured 42 times over a two-week period in Europe Distinguished researcher, seminary professor and Chair of the Liberty University Department of Philosophy Gary Habermas traveled to Europe Oct. 13-28, giving lectures and presentations at several Swedish universities. According to Habermas, he spoke 42 times during his two-week …

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