Reel talk

Warning: the following article may contain disturbing content pertaining to undead corpses, apocalyptic plague and hunger for living human flesh. Sound like the precursor to another generic zombie movie? Well, think again. Though blood-encrusted, brain-eating zombies hardly seem to be the most promising premise for a romantic comedy, “Warm Bodies” …

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Visulite Cinemas lowers prices

Big screen — The Visulite theatre will feature $2 movies and discounted concessions beginning Oct. 12. Photo credit: Melanie Oelrich

Lynchburg moviegoers may enjoy the changes Visulite Cinemas will embrace Oct. 12, when the theater changes admissions to a flat rate of $2 per ticket. “We want to be more of a community theater and not just play movies and be a big box kind of store,” Chris Davidson, general manager and […]

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