School prioritizes spiritual health

Student mentoring — Liberty University continues to emphasize Christian values in and out of the classroom. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Liberty University has been just as committed to providing its students with opportunities for spiritual growth as it has been to providing students a quality education in a Christian environment. As the university has grown, it has maintained the spiritual foundations it was started with through traditions unique to Liberty …

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1971 Computers were unavailable for students use. 1980s Laptops and personal computers began to appear on campus. 1990s A random collection of classes began to use computers. By the end of the decade, five computer classrooms were constructed in the science hall. 2002 With the expansion of DeMoss, nine computer …

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A heart for others: CSER ignites attitudes of service

Service and screams — Scaremare is one of the ways that students are serving the community and sharing the gospel. Photo provided

More than 5,400 Liberty students volunteered about 132,000 hours of service to the local community in Fall 2010, according to Darren Wu, Liberty’s Christian/Community Service (CSER) coordinator. Last spring, more than 5,700 students volunteered just shy of 130,000 hours, Wu said. According to an economic study released in 2010, Liberty …

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Defining homecoming

Homecoming parade

It’s a family reunion for students, staff, faculty and graduates. It usually involves a football game, a parade, a bonfire, lots of food and laughter. According to the Associated press, Baylor University had the first homecoming celebration in 1909 and The University of Missouri was credited with having the first …

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Q & A with Chancellor Falwell


Q. What was your father’s vision for the university? A. When Liberty was founded, most conservative Christian colleges had facilities that were inferior, athletic teams that were not competitive at high levels and academic program that were unaccredited with narrow course offerings that, for the most part, trained students to …

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Through the ages

The story of Liberty University’s first 40 years Over the past four decades, Liberty University has grown exponentially and with its growth new opportunities have been brought to students and alumni alike. Founded in 1971 by Dr. Jerry Falwell as Lynchburg Baptist College, Liberty was always part of a bigger …

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Homecoming parade lets students show off their spirit

Show some spirit — Upcoming festivities such as the homecoming parade on Oct. 15 allow students a hands-on way to celebrate their school and have fun doing it. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

Liberty University students exhibiting distracting, extreme behavior for the sake of school spirit might normally result in reprimands. However, for the Homecoming Parade, this kind of behavior is encouraged. Associate Director of Student Activities Alese Chandler believes that Homecoming weekend is a prime opportunity for Liberty University students to show …

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